Surrogate Sentencing

Surrogate Sentencing… Is It For You?

Stevie Welles, United Corporate Concern Television Network (UCC) CEO, discusses the benefits of surrogate sentencing initiated by corporations. She answers questions about how vital and beneficial it is for corporations to enlist young men as surrogates to do jail time for executives who have committed corporate crimes against humanity. She also discusses a new television show titled “Surrogate Sentencing’ that will be more popular than “American Idol’.


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Stevie Welles, UCC TV Network CEO, discusses a new TV show based on surrogate sentencing where young boys vie to spend jail time for guilty corporate executives.


Investigative Journalist A.B. Caplough discusses how criminal it will be if surrogate sentencing becomes the law.


Stevie Welles relates how beneficial it is for corporations to use young men as surrogates to serve time for corporate executive crimes.


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