What Is Courage?

What Is Courage?

Courage is infusion …
it is the unmasking of the elements
pushing thru the illusion…pulling the veil…
discovering the forgotten core.

Courage is no more than the will to believe…
to know somewhere deeply that you can
regardless of borders or walls or bolts…
regardless of blocked passageways and enforced silences…
it is discovering your own rebirth
and mapping a course to it’s center…

Courage expands…
it moves the unmovable
it roots deep within our being and waits
waits for us to decide if we will live in full array
or crumble into free-fall.

Courage is the will to grow…
it is a commitment
to stoke the fire
impassion the blood
and disarm the demons.

It is the decision to live every moment
of every day
regardless of how much sand remains
in the sacred hourglass.

It is the leap…
the ride
the wave
it is the touch of another hand, another heart
it is where soul meets will…
to rise and flow into glorious golden power
it is the stand to invite destiny…

Courage is ultimately no more than the courage
to say yes.

by Cynthia Adler

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