What Is A Heart?

What Is A Heart?
a Rap for kids by Cynthia Adler

What is a heart?
it’s like part of a star…
it’s the light you can feel
in the center of you…
it’s what makes you feel love
for your puppy or fish
or some treat that you eat
that is yummy or sweet.

It’s what makes you feel friendly
to kids at your school.
It can light up a room when
you smile or you laugh
and it’s half more as big
when you’re giving a gift or just singing a song.

It can help you be strong
when you start to get sad
or if someone says things
that might make you feel bad.

It’s what beats really fast
when you’re running or scared
and it might make you cry when you’re
saying goodbye to a friend
you won’t see for a really long time.
It’s what makes you feel warm
on a holiday night, with your family there
in the white of the snow
or the sparkle of sand.
It’s the hand that you hold or the
things that you hug

just the very best part
of yourself…

is your heart.


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