What Is A Tummy?

What Is A Tummy?
a Rap for kids by Cynthia Adler

A tummy is a yummy thing
which makes you feel so happy
it’s sometimes round and makes strange sounds…
and sometimes soft and flappy.

It can make you feel full
or can pull at your clothes
when you’ve eaten so much
that you can’t touch your toes
but then when it is hungry
it gives out a sigh,
and says feed me before
I feel cranky or cry.

And when you have ice-cream
or cookies or candy
well, you just have to see how a tummy’s
so handy…

A tummy can growl
or it sometimes can hurt
when you’ve eaten a whole bunch
of fries or dessert
and it’s cute when you swim
and it helps you to float…
It’s the center of you
when you’re rowing a boat.

If you pull it in tight
you could dance through
the night.
It’s a thing we all have
cause the body’s no dummy
so I think we’re agreed

we’re in luck with….

a tummy!!!

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